Thursday, May 2, 2013

"Release" short film by your's truly!

I just finished a short film project entitled "Release." Just thought I'd post it here for anyone who was curious!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Liking and Tweeting

In this age of technology, it's really amazing to think about how businesses have grown because of it.  Creative businesses in particular have benefited from social networking, especially entrepreneurs.  Fashion designers, artists, and musicians have all benefitted from marketing themselves online, gaining a buzz.  Filmmakers in particular use twitter and Facebook for marketing their films, especially if it is independently made.  I come across so many twitter pages for production companies and various films, trying to gain popularity, or just encourage people to check them out, bringing them closer to buzz-worthy status, and therefore already have a steady audience when their film does come out.

"Candles," for example, which I posted about not long ago, is encouraging people to like their facebook page in order to release their trailer.  Once they hit 1,000 likes, they will release the trailer.  This not only gets people to get to know the story they are producing, but also allows them to get excited for the trailer as well.  Win, win.

I just think there's something to be said about social networking, especially since it is relatively new, yet so powerful.

Thoughts? =)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


So I am sitting in my University's cafe writing this post. I feel like I real blogger.

I have been following this illustrator, Genevieve Godbout for a while now. She's an amazing illustrator and has a few books out! All of her illustrations are done in color pencil, emanating a soft, innocent quality from all of her works. Her blog, "Rose-A-Petits-Pois" is beautiful! Check her out =)


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Talk About Feel-Good Music

I recently discovered the country duo "Florida Georgia Line."  And by recently I mean today.  And I felt compelled to write something about them.

Growing up, I was adamantly against country music.  I don't know what it was, but I hated it.  I couldn't get into it.  But when Taylor Swift started to come on the radio more often, I found myself singing along, and slowly began to enjoy the twang and soul of country music.  And now I love it.

My friend played "Cruise" by Florida Georgia Line and it was immediately stuck in my head.  It made me feel so good and happy and just wanting to ride around in a car, windows down, singing loud, with sunglasses on.  A good tan would be nice too.  There was something about their music that just made me feel so happy, which is why I'm writing this post.

If you haven't heard them before, check them out.  You won't stop smiling.


Saturday, April 13, 2013

"The Music Film"

Interesting concept and take on a music video. I love the dialogue and creativity, very cool contrast and beauty of telling the story of the song. Give it a look, it's cool!

Romance, by IRV


Candles promo!

So this new series is coming out. I posted the link to the teaser below, but obviously it doesn't look as pretty because it's just a link. So this is going to be my more official and more aesthetically pleasing post. Enjoy =)

So Candles is a new series. It's independently produced (and you know I love my independents) by Finding Cinema, based out of Philadelphia. Here's their synopsis-

The show tells the story about humanity in a dark, fantasy world. It seems so interesting and the independent yet professional quality really works for this kind of story.

What will you do when tomorrow morning, the sun doesn't rise?

Enter Edith Solstice, therapist by day and modern-day witch by night. She's struggling to keep the threads of her relationships together: a suicidal patient is unraveling fast. Her little sister Jenna is losing faith in her and her younger brother Yaden has misplaced blame and scorn on her shoulders.

And then the sun doesn't rise the next morning. All the fears and unknowns she and everyone around her have must be faced. This is amplified when these fears become tangible things.

Engage into a story about overcoming shortcomings and disillusionment, living to be the one who saves the ones around you, and coping with self-disappointments as Edith finds her own light to bring her world back to normal.

Because they've all been in the dark all along.

So follow, reblog, and like them to help them out. I'm excited for the release and I'll be sure to keep updates coming on here! 

Twitter- @candlesweb


Friday, April 5, 2013

New Miniseries

Below is a 30 second teaser of this new miniseries coming out soon called "Candles." It's independently produced by Finding Cinema, out of Philadelphia. Check it out!